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Make a Difference in 2 Minutes - Let a Politician Know You Care!

Want to really make a difference in 2 minutes?

Yes, here in Oz we have a new government- The Labor Party is now the government and the Liberal Party is now in 'opposition'. We have to say that we never had much luck contacting Labor politicians when they were in opposition and it seems like nothing much has changed now they're in power. Take note Labor politicians...thank you for signing Kyoto, looking after our whales...and we just heard bigger solar energy rebates might be on the way, but please don't forget to talk to us just because we're young(ish)!

Now you might think that politics is REALLY boring, but it's really important for us all to know who they are as they make some very big decisions on our behalf. So, you can let them know what you want for our country...we can't vote yet, but we can still contact our politicians.

Write to any of these politicians about these 5 main things that we need to do to keep our planet alive!

1. Introduce big fines for industries and companies who don't reduce their energy and water consumption by 10%.

2. Make all companies get at least 50% of their energy from Green renewable sources.

3. Make Green renewable energy the same price as electricity from coal.

4. Provide much bigger rebates for water tanks and solar photo voltaic panels for all Australians and organise the installation of them.

5. Put in more public transport, especially trains, and make sure there are commuter car parks next to transport hubs (main areas where people catch buses and trains).

Labor Party

The Hon. Kevin Rudd
Prime Minister of Australia
Contact: (Click 'contact PM')

The Hon. Penny Wong
Minister for Climate Change and Water
Contact: (Click 'online contact form')

The Hon. Peter Garrett
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts
Contact: (Click 'online contact form')
Liberal Party

The Hon. Dr Brendan Nelson MP
Leader of the Opposition

The Hon. Greg Hunt MP
Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Urban Water

You can just cut and paste our five suggestions and tell them to get cracking, or you can write your own email.

Story by: Imogen Wadlow