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500 Top Scientists Meet in Paris

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It was 2001 when they last met to discuss global warming. The news isn't going to be good. It is now confirmed that glaciers are melting, polar snow is retreating and oceans are becoming acidic as they are absorbing CO2 (carbon dioxide) which means some marine life will die.

It's predicted that by 2100, temperatures will have risen up to 5.8C and many scientist say it's actually going to be a lot more than this. The sea levels are also going to rise so don't invest in beach properties right now, better to buy a boat!

One animal already having big trouble surviving is the polar bear. Because ice is melting at the poles, they are getting stranded on melting ice. It has been confirmed that many polar bears are drowning after they get exhausted trying to swim to a larger ice shelf. Seals also are apparently dying from exhaustion as they are having to swim further to look for fish to eat because we have overfished our oceans (see 'Something Fishy' story).

The Scientists are meeting as part of the UN's 'Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change' (IPCC).

Reference: Daily Telegraph 29.01.07, Chaon & Ingram
This wonderful photo of the two polar bears on a melting iceberg was taken by Dan Crosbie of Environment Canada. They have a great website which you can see at:
Please go look at it: it's a great example of how governments can provide great information. Any room in Canada for us?