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Power boss says we need more renewable energy!

Mr. Paul Anthony, who is the chief executive (boss) of AGL (an Australian energy company that sells gas and electricity) has told Mr John Howard, the prime minister (Liberal Party) and Mr Rudd, the leader of the opposition (Labor Party) that Australia has to catch-up with the rest of the world!

He says that in 12 years time, 20% of our energy should come from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. We think, that if our government was really serious about our energy consumption, that we can do much better than 20%. Development in solar energy would produce jobs and wealth but our government have let us down and we have lost some clever people and ideas to the U.S. (see our story on solar energy).

AGL is spending $600 million on a wind farm at Macarthur in Victoria.

Using more renewable energy will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we produce. You can choose to have your electricity from renewable sources by signing-up for Green Energy with your power supplier, such as Integral, Energy Australia or of course AGL.

Ref: SMH, 30.8.07: Energy giant backs 20% renewables

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