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Beautify the School!

Our school doesn't have any colour
Five days a week we are at school. Our surroundings can make us feel good or bad, so if your school looks a bit grey and boring, you'll feel grey and boring too. So it makes sense to cheer the place up.

We also reckon that you can't learn to look after the planet, if you haven't first learnt to look after your own surroundings. Our school has a HUGE litter problem. Some idiots just drop their lunch wrappers where they sit. Dropped wrappers and food cause extra work for our groundsman, encourage rats, mice and cockcroaches and make everyone feel depressed because of the way it looks. The walls are plain concrete and brick and whilst we have a few plants, we don't have any colour.

We decided to do something about this. We have got some sponsorship from:
AusTimber Supplies:
Bunnings Warehouse:

AusTimber is supplying generous offcuts to us of their lovely timber so the students at our school can build some planter boxes and wall plaques. The wall plaques will be painted and hung around the school outside on the walls, and the planter boxes will be filled with colourful flowers and plants.

This is what we hope our planters will look like!

We hope that this will 'beautify' the school and encourage everyone to feel a bit more pride about the place and care for it. After all, even animals keep their habitats and burrows tidy.

We shall show you some photos when it's finished.

Thanks for the pics of planter boxes from: