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Getting Local Businesses to use Australian Copypaper

Well, so far this one hasn't been much of a success. We don't know why as it seemed a pretty simple request at the time.

There is now copypaper (the A4 stuff you use in printers and photocopiers) which is made from 100% recycled Australian paper pulp....which is great as it means that no new trees were cut down to make it, that it's re-using the waste, it's created jobs in Australia and, in the case of 40% and 60% recycled paper, it's used wood pulp from 'sustainable timber' (trees farmed in a responsible, not just cutting down thousands of trees at the same time, leaving animals and birds with no homes and the soil then gets eroded (washed away).

We put 100's of leaflets (click here to see the leaflet) in letterboxes asking local businesses to swap to Australian copy paper and to let us know so we could put their names on our website. So far....a big fat zero have contacted us...not even the stores we spent time talking to. Very disapointing Hills District!

Maybe you could try it in your area and get a better response than we have?

See our story 'Green A4 that's White' for more info.