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Alastair's speech with Minister for the Environment

Alastair with Sean Fitzgerald
Alastair spoke for Generation-Y
In October 2007, Alastair was asked to the Sydney Architecture Festival to join a three-way debate on climate change from the viewpoint of three generations. Alastair spoke for Gen-Y; Sean Fitzgerald, a scientist who presented the ABC TV program 'Carbon Cop' represented Gen-X and Malcolm Turnbull, who was at that time, Minister for the Environment, represented the Baby Boomers.

Planet Patrol also took the opportunity to hand the minister a letter saying how we want a national initiative for recycling CFL's and safely recapturing the mercury from them.

Here's where you can see the speech (in 2 parts) on youtube:
Part 1:
Part 2:

This is what the newspapers said about the speech:

and parts of his speech were published here:

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