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No one makes a bunny out of Dr Karl!

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, Scientist, TV & Radio presenter, writer of funny (and serious) science books is no daft bunny, and there's no one who could make him look like one!

We came across Dr. Karl signing his new book 'Please Explain' which is all about making science fun and interesting (which it is of course). We jumped in the queue and said 'hello' and told him how we were handing out political leaflets for him in the election.

No one can make Dr Karl look like a daft bunny!
Dr. Karl may not seem like your usual politician, but he's very passionate about the world and wants to save it, that means making some changes and ruffling, he's not going to attack chickens, he wanted to get into parliament and make sure our government looks after the planet.

Dr. Karl makes up 50% of The Sleek Geeks. The other half is Adam Spencer who is another passionate scientist and TV & Radio Presenter. You can find the Sleek Geeks' webpage here:

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