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Planet Patrol Wins Excellence in Youth Awards (group project) 2007

With our medals and plaque
Baulkham Hills Shire has some very talented young people. We were up against some stiff competition but it was really great to be acknowledged and get a nice shiny plaque. We've found that adults really care about whether you've 'won' something or not. Other kids are more interested in what we actually 'do'...which is the way it should be.

With Mr Alan Cadman
Talking to Mr Alan Cadman
It was a great night, with posh food and we got to meet some nice people. Here's some photos of us talking to Mr. Alan Cadman, who used to be an MP, with our Award plaque and medals and you can even see Alastair's acceptance speech, here: (watch out for him walking off without getting his medal!)

Unfortunately, we're not allowed to enter again this year because we won last year....grrrrr!