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Frog pond update!

Yet again Freya has been annoyed by the mating call of the dreaded bok frog only to wake up and find two more lots of frog spawn everywhere! Our little taddies are growing up. I decided to clean out the pond and do a head count, this is what we found:

5 tadpoles with no legs
6 tadpoles with 2 legs
22 froglets (tadpole, with 4 legs)
1 tiny frog
1 big frog (Striped Marsh Frog)
6 White Mountain Cloud Fish

This means that our frog pond is a healthy environment for living creatures. Frogs are a good indication of how clean a pond is because their pores on their skin are very susceptable to pollution and dirty water.

We've also found these weird brown, buggy things about 1.5cm long. We think they may be eating our tadpoles so if you do see any of them in your own pond, clean it out and make sure you catch them all.

For any questions on how to build a frog pond, look in 'Previous Articles'

Imogen Wadlow