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Eco-Panel Exhibition in Japan

Well we didn't get to go to Japan...but some of our work did! The exhibition was organised by the Earth Watching Club (EWC) in Nishinomiya. We were invited to send a mini-exhibition of the work that Planet Patrol does which they will then display at the exhibition.

We made four big posters which told them about our projects, how to look after our planet and NOT TO EAT WHALES! We were very lucky as Katrina Trimble, our neighbour who went to our school, is brilliant at Japanese, so she very kindly translated all our work into Japanese Romaji text (looks like English letters). This meant that nothing could be misinterpreted, and also, that the EWC didn't have to spend time translating our work.

We will be getting feedback about what the Japanese students thought of our exhibit and we will let you know.