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Just 10 minutes using a mobile phone could cause cancer!

Most studies up till now have said that mobile phones are safe - mind you, most of these studies have been paid for by people like Nokia and Motorola. So it's not likely that they will say 'don't buy our phones, they'll make your brain explode!'

Scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel now say they have proof that after just 10 minutes of using a mobile phone, a chemical message changed the way the cells in our body (the tiny parts your body is made up of) divided...well, it did in the poor rats they used anyway.!

Cancer cells are basically cells in our body that mutate (go wrong) and start dividing (splitting in two) and multiplying. All our normal body cells multiply, but cancer cells multiply too fast and cause tumours to grow.

Millions of people now have a mobile phone
They have to do a lot more research on this but here's some sensible tips ... just in case!
1. Only use your mobile phone when you have to and just for short times.
2. If you want to chat to your friends, use the landline phone in your home or MSN.
3. Don't keep your phone switched on in your pocket or bag. Only keep it switched on when you need to..for safety reasons (like if you're away from your parents).

There's a really quick way to die through using a mobile phone - and this one has been proved 100%....talking on one whilst driving! Don't let your parents do it....don't let them risk your life!

Uk Daily Mail, D. Derbyshire, 29.8.07

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