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Only 3% of mobile phones are recycled in Sydney!

Keep your eyes open for Mobile Muster recycling tubes
Only 3% of mobile phones are recycled in Sydney says Sydney's Total Environment Centre !

The official mobile recycling scheme is called Mobilemuster (see our recycling story). Only 1 in 5 mobile phone shops have signed-up to provide mobilemuster recycling and there are reports of the stores then not displaying the tube where you put your phone for recycling or even stores just throwing them away!!!

Milton is the official 'face' of the campaign
We think a better idea would probably be to offer a returnable deposit (an amount of money paid when you buy the phone) that you get back when you hand it in for recycling). That way, if you threw your phone in the bin, it'd be just like throwing money away!

What can you do?
1. Write to the Minister for Industry (email address below) and tell her that you're pretty annoyed that they're not doing enough to collect e-waste (e-waste is anything to do with technology, like computers, mobile phones, printers etc). Go will only take a moment and will hopefully make her think about the problem.

Email: The Hon Helen Coonan at:

2. Only buy your mobile phone from a store that has a Mobile Muster stand clearly on display...if they don't, ask them 'why not?'

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