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A New Neighbour Moves In!

We've had someone move in...they're living in our garden and we're very pleased about this. Yes, we've a frog come to live in the frog pond we built. We were hoping to attract some Tree Frogs as their numbers have really declined in our area, but instead we've a quite common Striped Marsh Frog. He's already been busy and we had lots of tadpoles in our pond...that is, until our dad topped-up the pond with tap water and killed most of them! (only ever top up less than 10% with tap water - best leave some buckets of water to 'naturalise' for a day before adding them).

Well, we went out the other night with a torch and took some photos of the Striped Marsh Frog going 'bok!'. They usually call from reeds in a pond or near the edge of the water. Our frog was sitting right in the middle of the pond in a plant.

Have a look at these pictures of him, he's quite a cute fellow!