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Everyone has their favourite charity...most of us would like to have enormous amounts of money to give to lots of good causes.

We certainly don't have loads of money, but we did raise a bit of money by baking biscuits and selling them at one of the Environment Shows where we had an information stand. We didn't make much, but instead of buying lollies with it we put it together with a bit of money we got for Christmas and sent it off to our favourite charity - Greenpeace.

So, if a favourite uncle slips you a $5 note for being cute or well behaved, send it off to your favourite charity - it will make you feel much better than the family block of chocolate you would have bought instead.

Why don't you get your family to have a 'no treat' week. Instead of being given money for the canteen or spending money on lollies or drinks...get your mum to put the money you would have spent in an envelope to a charity your family chooses.

Bake some biscuits and sell them to friends and neighbours, let them know where you'll be sending the money to.

Offer to clean cars, swimming pools, sweep driveways or mow lawns - we know you can be creative. You don't have to wait for your parents to make a them the way!

What's your favourite charity? Try and donate to one which not many others do, like we donate to Greenpeace, then for Motor Neurone disease (because it's a horrible disease) and for mental health research (because we need to care for our brains and other people).

Here's the letter we sent with our donation to Greenpeace.