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Plans to Switch-off Standby!

Yes, it's pretty amazing isn't it that manufacturers (the people who make things) haven't built things which can switch themselves off when they're not being used.

But in England, the government is talking about making T.V's, DVD players and so on that will be able to switch themselves off when they've been sitting there doing nothing but using power for a while.

It is estimated that Britain wastes two power stations worth of electricity by leaving electrical gadgets in 'standby' mode (this is when you turn it off using the remote control instead of by the big 'power' button or by unplugging at the wall socket).

A TV will use 6.5% of its full power in standby. Power useage varies a lot. Compare yours at:

~ Go to the cnet website, listed above; click on 'TV power saving tips' - there's some great ideas.
~ Turn off your TV, DVD player etc, using the 'power off' button and check the little 'standby' light is out.
~ Always turn-off computers when you're not using them and if you're popping out to get a drink or snack - turn off the monitor at least as they use the most power!
~ Write to politicians and the manufacturer of your TV and DVD player and tell them to give the standby switch the flick!

'Ban the standby button, say Tories': N. Watt,The Observer, 9.9.07
TV Sleep Button Stands Accused, M. Kinver,, 22.1.06

Switch it Off!
Say goodbye to standby!
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