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Planet Patrol Information Stall

Our info stall at the Water Symposium for Sydney High Schools
One of the best ways to get the message out, is to get out to one of the environmental shows. We sometimes go along and set-up a stall with loads of our information, not just about Planet Patrol, but other things that we think are great. These include:

Heliocol Solar Heating - is the only thing in the universe that cockatoos can't eat!
Racumin Rat Poison - kills pesky rats but not the owls that eat the rats
Green Energy from energy suppliers - get your electricity from giant windmills

Our info stall at Baulkham Hills 'Bushland Day'.
Planet Patrol were also official 'explainers' for young children.
We also have loads of information about recycling, reducing energy consumption, light pollution, CFL's and restoring bushland and caring for our planet in general.

We now have a notepad computer thanks to The Foundation for Young Australians. This has meant that people coming to our display can see film of our projects, our website and some of the clips you can see in 'Facts n' Fun' on this site. It's been great and kids love it.

We took along some of Immie's tadpoles to the last show in a tank...she also popped in a couple of the fish she has (ones that don't eat taddies!). Everyone was more interested in the fish...which annoyed Immie! You could do the same too! Contact your local council and they'll give you loads of help, so will we.