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Scientists Told By U.S. To Save World!

Honestly, what some countries will do to avoid signing the Kyoto Treaty!

The United States, rather than agreeing to a worldwide reduction on greenhouse gas emmissions (burning less coal) instead wants scientists to invent little shiny umbrellas or balloons which will reflect some of the Sun's rays away from the Earth.

They also think that pumping dust or 'sulphate' (a chemical released during volcanic eruptions) into the atmosphere might also do the trick. Scientists have thought that these things could, in fact, block some of the sun's rays, but it's all 'hypothetical' (a bit of a guess) and could make things worse...and our planet's life seems a big thing to let the US gamble with.

Reports just released state that the effects of global warming are actually going to be worse than we first thought.

John Howard
Australia and the US are still the only two countries who are refusing to comply (agree) with the Kyoto Treaty. Write to John Howard and tell him how totally embarrassed you are about this:

Reference: SMH 29.01.07, Adam & Minchin