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Volvo Adventure!

Each year Volvo (the car makers) gives everyone the great opportunity to show the world the work they have been doing for the environment.

It's project-based and is for kids aged between 13 and 16. We've entered it for the past two years as we'd love the opportunity to encourage so many more kids to stand up and speak out about taking on responsibility for our planet. Plus, Sweden is a beautiful country and we'd love to visit it.

The only thing we'd say is that the competition format makes it very hard for a group like us who do loads of smaller projects, all year round, to actually get that across in a few words. So we would suggest that if you're going to enter, then you pick a nice 'neat' project to do. The problem here is that obviously a lot of teams just do a 'project' in order to be a finalist in the competition, the judges seem to look for 'results' but we know that the things we aim for, like changing attitudes and behaviour, is very hard to measure. Still, the general aim is to do something for the planet and we think it's great that Volvo get so many kids thinking about what they can do to make the environment a better place.

Don't worry if you find it a bit confusing, just email the Volvo Adventure Team and you will find the most helpful, understanding, patient people ever. They really helped us when technical things didn't go right for us.

Start thinking now about your entry for next year. Meanwhile take a look at some of the great finalists' projects at:

There's also a 'Bob the Bunny' competition for kids under 13 yrs old.