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Planet Patrol gets Political!
Everyone handing out leaflets was very friendly
Politics isn't the most interesting thing to get involved with, but it is probably one of the most important things you can do. Most of the BIG decisions that decide what we can do and how we do it are made by politicians.

On the 27 November 2007, 13.7 million Australian's voted for who they wanted to run the country. The result was that we got a new Prime Minister: Mr Kevin Rudd (who hasn't yet answered all the letters we've sent him!) who is head of the Labor Party. The Labor Party also run (but not very well) NSW.

Most people vote for either the Labor or Liberal Parties, but some people vote for political groups that have no chance of running the country, but you do it to try to get them at least one seat so they have 'some' say in how the country is run.

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, a wonderful fun scientist and 'celebrity' was representing the Climate Change Coalition. We didn't like a lot of things The Greens believed in, but we agreed with just about everything the Climate Change Coalition said. So we contacted the CCC and they gave us t-shirts, posters and leaflets and we stood there getting sore feet at a voting station (our school) giving them out and getting people to vote for the CCC. It was great fun even though it was raining and the other people handing out leaflets were very friendly to us. It was nice that we all believed in different things but could still get along.

We took it in turns to sell our cakes
We baked 130 cakes!
We didn't just stand there handing out leaflets though, we had also baked 130 cakes and sold them on the day to make money for our 'Beautify the School' project. Our friends Lizzy and Courtney came and helped and worked really hard. This made the day great fun as we took it in turns selling cakes, handing out leaflets in the rain and picking-up the big poster of Dr. Karl that kept blowing over!

The money went towards our 'Beautify the School' project
So take an interest in politicians because it's them who are deciding your future!

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