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Voices against Whaling

There are arguments for whaling, but many more against it. Although we do eat cows, pigs, sheep and other 'thinking, feeling' animals, they are not endangered. They are also killed in abbatoirs (a French word, meaning 'to strike down'). Cows are stunned by 300 volts to the brain, then hung upside down before having their throats cut. Not very nice, but a bit better than being chased around the sea till you're exhausted then when you can't swim any more, having a giant metal bolt speared into you. These harpoons are very nasty, attached to a line, the whale can no longer dive out of danger and after a long time being left in pain, fear and bleeding to death, it's body is dragged onto the whaling ship to be cut open and processed into whale meat which will be sent to Japan and then left in a big pile because no one wants to eat it.

Whales cannot be farmed.
Whales have similar brains to humans
They have 'sophisticated' communication between each other
Many are endangered
They face new dangers through global warming
Their meat contain levels of mercury dangerous to humans
They die in agony and fear
Mothers and their baby whales are often killed together
No one needs eat whale any more, there are alternatives
Killing these whales in protected waters is illegal!!!

Get involved in saving these beautiful animals. Make a donation, however small, to Greenpeace or write to the Japanese government. We sent a display to the EWA exhibition in Japan telling the school children there why they shouldn't eat whale and we also made origami whales for Greenpeace to send to Japan. They said 'We love Japan, but whaling breaks our hearts'.

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