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Youth 2020

The new Australian government is running a Youth 2020 summit for kids and we tried to get involved but weren't allowed because we're too young and then, it's a long story, but Alastair's application was turned down too. It's not been well advertised at all and it's too late to apply, but for more info go to:

Basically, 100 young people between the ages of 15 to 24 years have been chosen from all around Australia to get together and talk about things which they think are important for Australia's future, like the environment, education, health etc.

We were told we could apply for the Schools Summit instead, but entries had already closed for it!!!

We've been left pretty confused by the whole thing....Did you apply for the Youth 2020 summit? Did you know it was on? Let us know your experiences on the guest book...and definitely let us know if you're chosen for the summit or know anyone who is.

Youth 2020 (as well as the adult Australia 2020) will be held in April, so we'll let you know what happened. We're really sorry we didn't have the opportunity to be part of it but we will do our best to follow it for you.

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